Family of God

About The Emblem

It is a workbook done by the Brownie together with her family. It can also be done by a Brownie troop. It compliments and reinforces the sacramental preparation for First Communion and Reconcilliation, but should not be used in place of sacramental preparation.


Registered Brownie (or Junior) Scout of Catholic Faith. The Scout must be between 7-9 years old. The Family of God medal is designed for Brownies in grades 1,2 and 3.


Each Brownie (or Junior) scout have her own Activity Book. This book can be purchased at your local Girl Scout Shop or by contacting the Catholic Committee on Scouting (email).

Religious Activity Books
You can pick up Religious Activity Books at the Girl Scout Office or order them directly from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministries (click here).

Program Completion

Upon completion of the workbook it is recommended that the group be given the opportunity to review what they have learned with their parish priest or other parish representative. The parent/guardian will need to send the application to the address below.

Click here for a printable application in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.